Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a new dawn, a new day....here we go again!

again, you ask? well again for me. i had about 9 posts on here but it wasn't going anywhere so i deleted them all and am starting over. that is one of my favorite things: that i can choose to start anything over, and over and over, if i want to.

it's a lesson i constantly need to relearn and that i try to share with my kids. well my oldest (DS, 8) will say "mom, can we start over?" when our day gets off track. whether it's because he is in a funk or maybe he feels i've been too hard on him (entirely possible) and i always say yes.

i used to have this mentality that if i didn't do X, Y, or Z at 100% from the second i woke up, then i had failed. but the only failing is in not trying again. whether it's a diet or squeezing in time to meditate or exercise or just deciding to restart with a fresher outlook and attitude. realizing that i can start over is such a blessing.

the original intention of this blog was to document my happiness project. but i didn't follow through with it. and i didn't beat myself up about it. maybe i will do it, maybe i won't. then i thought i'd share my boot camp experience here, i didn't update it enough. so here i am, starting again, just going to share bits and pieces of me. there are no rules, there is no theme.

i don't always make sense. sometimes i am all peace and light, sometimes i'm on a bitching rampage. sometimes i am cooking up healthy recipes, other days i am downing strawberry lemonades. and i'm finally wanting to take a try at sharing it on a blog, one that possibly will never be read. but that's ok too!

my wicked, lovely intention is just to be, me, and be ok with that.