Tuesday, November 2, 2010

meat free sloppy joes

this picture totally does not do this dish justice. i should have taken it open faced. this recipe has such great flavor and i was surprised as soon as i bit into it. i doubled this recipe thinking i'd be able to freeze half, that did not happen!

a little background. my 8 year old son is a vegetarian. has been since he turned 3. we were eating burgers and he asked where they came from. not one to lie (no promises of santa, tooth fairy or easter bunny, in our house), i told him they came from a cow, the kind that say moo. they live on a farm and then they die and are cut up for food. he said 'that is disgusting.' he never ate meat again.

my husband and i have gone thru phases of not eating meat but neither of us have lasted longer than a year. we are now 3 weeks meat free and are trying to maintain it for good. we are planning our first meat free thanksgiving too!

by the way, the buns are also homemade. i've been having a lot of fun baking bread lately!

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