Saturday, December 18, 2010

more wicked lovely intentions

wow, how much do i stink at this blogging thing?

i swear i write out posts in my mind but it's so in the moment that later i often feel silly feeling how i felt earlier. if only i could transmit the thoughts straight here from my mind. scary thought, and who knows - that might just be possible someday.

in my random nature, here's what's on my mind.

*i am still desperate to be crafty. i need to work within my limited ability. accomplishing small projects brings me joy. doing something i wanted to do just for me, is rare. recently i made paper stars and am working on flower fairies this evening.

*i need to stay on top of menu planning. it feels good to make a menu, shop for groceries based on said menu and never be stumped for what to cook (thus ending up eating out, we've had vietnamese sandwiches for dinner one too many times)

*meditation. ha! can't remember the last time i carved out a few moments to sit in silence and just breathe. it is one of my greatest intentions though and my husband has expressed an interest. partnering up would be a dream, even though we've had major blowouts with one another recently

*exercise. ugh. why can't i just be one of those people who can't live without it, who are driven to it and thrive from it. i want to be one of those people. there are many excuses......mainly time. but i know i can make it happen and that i need to. i've gained back about 10 lbs. i don't want to talk about it.

*peaceful parenting. i feel like i am getting caught up in life. the days are long but the years are short, gretchen rubin says so! i feel like i need a method of staying present, mindful and absorbing the joys (along with the, let's face it, plain shitty, days). i am losing opportunities being frazzled, getting upset, not taking the time to turn something into a game or a lesson. i want to return to that state. THAT is the mom i am in my heart and i need to return to being her in every moment.

*blogs. i am enchanted with so many blogs these days. from vegetarian cooking, to baking, to crafting. i'm loving them. and i want to start sharing them.

so this is where i'm at. i'm also going to place an intention to post something once a week here. i don't know if anyone has ever seen this blog, but for me, i need this. if you do stop by, could you say hello so i know someone is out there?

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