Thursday, December 30, 2010

wicked intentions for a lovely new year

one thing up front. i might (will) post things here and then two posts later i will repeat the same thoughts or ideas because i have an awful memory. deal with it.

sooooo. i don't like the word resolutions, i don't like to look at myself as a problem. i like to classify them as intentions, that's probably obvious.

i spelled out my main intentions in the last post but since then i found this detox in whole living magazine and i am going to do the first 7 days. i've come to realize and accept that i need to set realistic goals, which for me have to be small. i can't commit to the 28 days because i am not confident that i would succeed. 7 days, i can do. and the first 7 days are the hardest, IMO. it's cutting out caffeine (we haven't discussed my extreme love and dependence on my morning cup, 3 cups, of coffee), soy, wheat, dairy, eggs and peanuts.

i feel like i need a jump start and i think that would be a great beginning. i might even go on to week 2 but for now, it's 7 days for me. i tested one of the recipes from whole living, a two bean vegetarian chili. it was pretty fabulous, even with butternut squash. hubs and b1 loved it, that is saying alot.

i'll try and post pics of my six meals a day, let's see how i do.

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