Tuesday, October 12, 2010

21 day meditation challenge, day 2

today was a breath awareness meditation. this is the way that i have meditated during the random, infrequent times that i have actually sat to meditate. i had a harder time this morning, my mind wandered, the sounds around my house distracted me. but davidji makes it so effortless. he speaks so true. there is no judgement, it is ok if your mind wanders, and it will. i just kept bringing myself back to my breath. once again it was a wonderfully peaceful way to start my day.

truth me told, i am not good at balance. i think all people need a balance and as a stay at home mother, i don't have this. i'm so used to doing child/family related things, i almost don't know what to do on my own. i even feel anxious when i am alone. when i think of going out for coffee alone, or to the store, i think about how easy it would be to bring one or more of the kids. i think about how much they would enjoy it. but i know i would be a better me if i took some time for myself. this challenge is one way that i am going to begin to do so.

another thing i did today, was start the c25k iphone app. i bought it forever ago. but yesterday i suggested to a girlfriend, that we do it after dropping off our toddlers at preschool. we both had our babies with us and it was a gorgeous morning. we did the alternating of run/walk around the lake park near my house. i'm not promising to do it daily but we are definitely going to do it together on preschool days where the weather is mild enough for us to have the babies out in their strollers.

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